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There has been a series of winter storms rolling through Utah and Wyoming the last week dropping over 3 feet of snow in the mountains and making a great start to the snowmobiling season here at Black’s Fork River Lodge. Winter is an amazing time of year around Black’s Fork River Lodge. It is a wonderful time to explore the Uinta Mountains above the lodge and enjoy some world-class snowmobiling. In this blog we will discuss snowmobiling from Black’s Fork River Lodge in the Uinta Mountains on the Utah/Wyoming border.

The northeast Uinta Mountains run east and west along the border of Utah and Wyoming. It is the highest mountain range in Utah and is a beautiful national forest full of lakes, granite peaks, and spectacular forest. During the winter months the Uinta Mountains receive hundreds of inches of fresh powder that creates some of the best snowmobiling in the western United States.

Just up the road from Black’s Fork River Lodge is the Meeks Cabin Reservoir trailhead that provides great access to the beautiful Uinta Mountains. From this trailhead groups can park their vehicles and snowmobile into the mountains to access hundreds of miles of pristine mountain powder and trails into the most beautiful country that Utah has to offer.

Groups of families and friends that enjoy snowmobiling in Utah and Wyoming will love to gather at the Black’s Fork River Lodge to have a beautiful lodge to enjoy fun times with their family and friends eating, playing games, relaxing in the hot tub, and snowmobiling in the spectacular mountains above the lodge.

Families that love to view wildlife and be in the mountains will love Black’s Fork River Lodge. The lodge sits right on the river and large game comes out in the evenings along the river to drink and feed. Elk, Deer, and Moose are seen almost every day behind the lodge.

Groups that enjoy snowmobiling and being in the mountains love to spend time at Black’s Fork River Lodge. We hope to see you this winter!

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