This week at Black’s Fork River Lodge we have been getting a good amount of snow. It looks like the snow is going to continue with snow in the forecast for five of the next eight days. The start of the winter was dry, but with the recent storms and the storms in the forecast this next week the snow is piling up fast. Families are enjoying snowmobiling, sledding, playing in the snow, and soaking in the hot tub in the evenings. 

As the snow piles up in the Uinta Mountains above the lodge the snowmobiling gets to be spectacular in February and March. The snowmobile trails that wind hundreds of miles through the Uinta Mountains take riders to some of the most beautiful mountain scenery you will ever see, and the powder-filled meadows are incredible fun for everyone in the family.  The Meeks Cabin Trailhead just up the road from the lodge is the perfect access point for snowmobiling groups to get into the gorgeous Uinta Mountains and enjoy the world-class snowmobiling on the Wyoming/Utah border. 

For the young children in the group there is great sledding right on the property, and plenty of snow to build a snowman and a snowball fort. When the children get cold the huge in-ground hot tub is great for children to use as a small swimming pool in the winter.  Most families have a hard time getting the children out of the warm water in the wintertime. In the evenings playing games by the warm fire, enjoying the ping pong and foosball tables, and watching movies are some of the favorite family activities.

February and March are some of our favorite months of year in Fort Bridger, Wyoming. The snow-covered trees and the ice on the Black’s Fork River are gorgeous. The snowmobiling is spectacular, and the mountains are peaceful and beautiful. Come out and see what is so special about this time of year!

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